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Beaune as in Burgundy

A rich heritage


Photo Un riche patrimoine

Burgundy bears the traces of centuries of history and has managed to conserve an outstanding cultural and natural heritage to the delight of all those who come to visit. Take the route of the Romanesque churches and magnificent abbeys, stroll through Castle gardens, delight in savouring the finest of wines and regional specialities, explore forests of hundred-year-old oaks by foot, bike or quad bike.... Throughout Burgundy wafts a scent of conviviality and quality of life that its inhabitants enjoy sharing with their guests.

Beaune, once home to the Dukes of Burgundy, boasts an outstanding historical and cultural heritage. You can stroll along its ramparts or its tiny streets with their ancient houses. Beaune owes one of its finest monuments to Nicolas Rolin, Chancellor to Philippe le Bon, the Duke of Burgundy: the Hôtel Dieu des Hospices de Beaune, a rare example of civil Gothic art in the Middle Ages with its remarkable glazed-tile roof which illustrates the close links that existed between Burgundy and Flanders.

The vineyards in the area around Beaune enjoy a world-wide reputation, and this has made the town the capital of Burgundy wine. Beaune will open the doors to its cellars and invite you in to enjoy its legendary wines. A tour through the nearby vineyards provides the opportunity to find out about the work involved in wine growing. Every year, on the third weekend in November, the town bursts into life on the occasion of the famous wine auction at the Hospices de Beaune.

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