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Notre équipe

Our team

Jean-François CHAMPION
Managing Director

Palais des Congrès Customer Account Manager

Palais des Congrès Business Account Manager

Christophe MONTARON




You will be greeted by a receptionist - there is always one on duty. They are there to guide conference attendees, help them find the right rooms, tell them where to find a good restaurant or what attractions to visit. In short to give them all the help they need and answer their individual questions.

The organisers will have already met the business service which has helped them to make their request a reality, to set their budget, to choose the right providers and prove that Beaune was the right place to choose. On site, the organiser is accompanied by a conference representative to help with the logistics of organising the event and to be on hand until the end of the event. Their role is to organise events, ensure that everything runs smoothly, come up with instant solutions to queries that might arise and to manage the quality control procedure for the Qualicongrès certification of the event. ‘We never use the word “no”! We always find a solution.’

The layout of the rooms includes set building and décor, implementing the detailed specifications, setting up stands in a conference room. These are the types of task assigned to the technical team. ‘In our endeavour to assure meticulous attention to technical quality and to ensure that events held at the Palais des Congrès in Beaune run smoothly, we are ready to do anything. Well almost anything!’

The accountancy service provides the financial management of the organisation of each event as well as the quality audit for Qualicongrès certification.

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