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Customer reviews


>> Testimonial by Alain Lambert, CEO of Déco’Relief France.

Why did you choose to come to Beaune for your trade fair?

First of all, because I know that the Palais des Congrès at Beaune is in a position to meet all our requirements, and the hall where we held the trade fair was more than satisfactory. What is more, I like the fact that it has a bar and also, from a practical point of view, a kitchen next door. Then there was the fact that the auditorium was sufficiently spacious for all guests I had invited. There was also the fact that Beaune is a household name and is in a very good geographical location.

Did the equipment and the staff at the Palais des Congrès meet your expectations?

They did indeed. I was agreeably surprised by the professionalism and availability of the staff. The technical assistants were also very efficient and easily available.

What kind of feedback did you get from the people who attended the fair?

On the Monday, it was very busy, particularly because there was a show in the evening, and so I was really delighted by the first day. Even though there were fewer people the following day, I have to say that everyone went home with with a fair amount of literature. On the third and final day, there were more people again and there was a very good atmosphere.

What was the best feature of your 2013 trade fair at this venue?

I think I can be proud of the event. First, my greatest success was to have attracted so many customers because we mount very few trade fairs on our own, but tend rather to take part in big events for the profession as a whole. This type of brand-oriented trade fair was a first for me. I received some extremely good feedback, particularly about the gala evening. After two years’ of hard work, I finally managed to attract the French comedians ‘Le Chevaliers du Fiel’, which had always been a dream of mine and this fair made it come true.

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